Buying Natural Stone Countertops:

Unlike many contractors, Highland Stone has a set process designed to keep the customer comfortable because you know exactly where we are in the completion of your new project. No games, smoke screens, or never ending projects, here's exactly what you can expect from us step by step.

  • Contact us! Getting us involved from the beginning means arming yourself with a knowledge and understanding of the stones that you simply won't get elsewhere.
  • Choose your materials. This can be done in our showroom using our samples however, sample pieces do not adequately reflect the true nature of a stone slab. Variations are part of the character of natural stone and each slab is different. We recommend that you set up an appointment with us to personally visit one of our slab suppliers. This allows you to hand-pick the slab or slabs of your choice.
  • Choose your edge. We offer several different styles of edge profiles. all of which are displayed in our showroom. Ask about pricing, as it varies depending on the intricacy of the edge-work.
  • Get your quote. Based on measurements taken by us, job drawings or your measurements we will give you an accurate quote including any added costs for edgework, demolition, etc.
  • Choose any fixtures necessary for your project. Examples would include sinks, faucets and soap dispensers. We will need to bring these fixtures to our fabrication facility to fabricate the stone.
  • Once we have your approval and the deposit indicated on your quote we will arrange for your materials delivery to our fabrication facility, template your project and begin fabricating.
  • We will notify you when your project is fabricated and arrange for installation.
  • Final Payment is due upon completion.Our quote price includes a 10% discount for payment received immediately.